World Vision: The Controversy That Should Have Never Been

By now, most of you have read the news concerning World Vision and its sudden policy change of hiring those in same-sex marriages…

Oh, but wait…

Then, they suddenly reversed their decision.

World Vision should have never opened its big mouth to begin with, and it’s sad that we now have religious organizations voluntarily caving to the homosexual agenda. Granted, World Vision may have recanted on their new policy, but that is only because they didn’t realize how many Christians supported their efforts, apparently.

Let me put it to you plainly: they caved because of donation dollars—not because of biblical conviction. My guess is that more Christians are giving to World Vision’s work than gay people are.

Just a hunch.

And, of course, the secular progressives and liberal Christians like Rachel Held Evans are flipping out because of World Vision’s policy reversal. The fact remains that World Vision should have never issued a policy amendment tolerating same-sex marriages in the first place. World Vision, like every other religious organization, is exempt from tolerating practices that go against their religious affiliation, or—if not their convictions—the religious convictions of their donor base. Therefore, they had no reason to issue such a change out of worry or fear of government intrusion, fines, penalties or lawsuits.

© World Vision

The 501(c)(3) organization is a special tax-exempt status given to churches and other religious organizations like World Vision. This status allows them to avoid paying income tax and gives them the freedom to advance their religion and discriminate against any practice that they deem to be adverse to their religious convictions. In return, 501 (c)(3) organizations cannot lobby on behalf of political parties or legislation. These types of organizations also cannot be used to benefit private interests, which is why I get so bitter when I see certain pastors who take fat salaries from church donations.

The 501(c)(3) status is the only thing keeping the government from infringing on the rights of religious corporations and we must protect that right as much as possible. There is no good reason why a Christian organization needs to go against its religious foundations to appease the homosexual lobby. The Bible clearly states that homosexual behavior is wrong; therefore, we believe that it’s wrong.

As Christians protected under the First Amendment and as Christian organizations protected under the 501(c)(3) status, we do not owe anyone an explanation as to why we discriminate against certain practices and behaviors. If people want to know, they can look it up in the collection of books called “The Bible” for further information. End of story.

Now, onto Rachel Held Evans…

Apparently, this woman went and garnered a bunch of support for World Vision because it had suddenly backed same-sex marriage—but then she had to issue a statement to her followers rebuking World Vision for its sudden change of heart.

In her post, she cites a letter from one of her followers named “Dan,” who apparently only sponsored a child through World Vision after hearing of its employee policy change to allow same-sex  couples.

How noble…

Anyway, “Dan” decided that he would graciously keep sponsoring the child after World Vision recanted on its policy, and I can only assume that Ms. Evans posted this comment from him because she’s hoping that her other readers will follow suit—that way her conscience is eased a bit.

Let me give Ms. Evans some advice: never back a cause on a sudden promise. Always back a cause on the merits of its work.

Consequently, Ms. Evans has now equated the work of saving poverty-stricken children with lobbying for same-sex marriage. If Ms. Evans wants to direct her followers to support homosexual causes, then I would suggest she make a list of organizations that support homosexual causes and post it on her website.

Remember, World Vision is a religious-exempt corporation whose primary concern is helping the poor across the world—not supporting the homosexual lifestyle through the hiring of homosexuals, or those involved in same-sex marriages. My advice to World Vision: stick to feeding the poor and quit getting involved in emotionally charged political debates that have nothing to do with your mission.

My other piece of advice for World Vision: if your upper echelon wants to shift support toward the homosexual agenda, go and garner donor support from likeminded individuals and businesses. Because if you ever try to pull crap like that again, that could very well be your last straw with the Christian community.

2 Comments on “World Vision: The Controversy That Should Have Never Been”

  1. Rachel Held Evans walked away from being a Christian a long time ago. She’s a world-loving, liberal activist who just wants to keep the Christian label because it allows her to get her ego stroked by worldly people who love people that tell them everything they do is just fine.


  2. It’s tragic that an organization that hopes to improve lives through clean water can also be part and parcel of feeding the flames of hatred and bigotry against Gays that is resulting in violence and harassment and laws requiring incarceration, torture and death for the c rime of being themselves. Why has Christianity been perverted from it’s course of love and social justice into a machine of bigotry and intolerance to a place where simply hiring a Gay person would make a Christian person feel anger in their heart? It’s a twisting and perversion of Christ’s message. Jesus taught us to love all our neighbors. Depriving them of the ability to work, to be safe, to live freely and seek love and happiness is the actual sin.


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